Southwest Jewelry
3rd Nov

5 Best Southwest Jewelry Shops you can Find Around

Jewelry has always been the symbol of decorating one’s body. The tradition of wearing jewelry has been prevailing since ages. However, southwest jewelry is broadly recognized in U.S.A with history attached to it. It is believed that the South Indians learned to work with silver in the 19th century. Later on, they used their own techniques and distinctive styles to create southwest Jewellery. Their techniques of carvings and using stones with multicolor always fascinate women. Many American Indians used to wear such pieces of jewelry as well as their pride.

These techniques are still used as southwest jewelry is loved by many people. The use of stones and carvings attract many eyes. Therefore, many artists still sell these beautiful pieces of arts and one can avail them from the following list;

Southwest Jewelry: Native American Jewelry

Buying jewelry is the most important part of one’s outfit. It enhances the beauty of one’s outlook. Southwest jewelry has been evolved in better ways of carvings. Moreover, southwest jewelry helps in the survival of history even in 21st century. The designers who help to take us back to the time when multicolored stones were made wearable are as follow;

  • Tommy Singer.
  • Effie Calavaza.
  • George Phillips.

Southwest Jewelry

Silver Tribe Southwest Jewelry

The best thing can happen to a woman is to find the jewelry she needs. Southwest jewelry attracts eyes and enhances the women’s beauty.  The most important techniques used in southwest jewelry are stonework, beading carving, and weaving. Furthermore, southwest jewelry is made distinctive from all by the usage of gemstones and symbols. The silver tribe has many collections of different types of southwest jewelry.

American West Jewelry

As this jewelry never goes out of fashion, many people still find a hard time finding their variety. But American West has much variety of this jewelry. It is a shop by Fritz Casuse, Jody Naranjo, and Kenneth Johnson. Moreover, it has a variety of stones such as Amethyst, Black spinel, Citrine, Coral, Turquoise and much more. Along with that, they have a variety of colors such as black, blue, bright, green, mixed metal, teal and turquoise. Their prices start from $50 to $100 and up.

Southwest Jewelry

Southwest Jewelry: Southwest Silver Gallery

Southwest Silver Gallery is a place where you can find all types of southwest jewelry. These types include all the gemstones and symbols work. Moreover, they provide the work of ancient artists, with its history attached to it. From Navajo jewelry to Heishi beads, all variety is available here.

Mac’s Indian Jewelry

Mac’s Indian Jewelry is an Authentic Native American Indian jewelry store. It has custom handmade Native American jewelry from all over the Southwest. They sell turquoise Native American Jewelry, American Indian Jewelry, Navajo Indian Jewelry, and Hopi Indian Jewelry. Their collection includes Native American necklaces, earrings, pins, bracelets, rights, buckles, bolas, pottery, kachinas, paintings, and miscellaneous. It seems like they would be a great source to make your friends happy by gifting them this jewelry.

Southwest Jewelry

Southwest Jewelry is the most beautiful of its kind. They not only enhance one’s outlook but also look very elegant while gifting them to someone. So make sure this jewelry do exist in your accessory collection. For more related articles please visit Diamond Bracelets for Women.

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